Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unexpected SurprisesI

Howdy folks~it's gonna be a quick one, hate to blog and bolt but I am in full on production mode for the holiday shopping season and also Dorkorama jewelry will be in a new store opening right here in Bangor, Maine in our ever growing downtown, Maine Jewelry and Art. So, not much time for blogging, but I promise in the January holiday hangover in the frozen tundra of Maine there is nothing to do but blog!
Hearing about the new store carrying dork gear was such an unexpected and wonderful surprise much like (weak segue,sorry) these amazing garden quartz beads I came across. Or maybe rutile quartz. Also I think technically phantom quartz. Sometimes trying to sort out the stones makes me more confused. BUT the point is how unexpectedly amazing and interesting and lovely these beads are. I just needed to share! So with pics I peace out. Til the next time~Dork

Ice Age

Ice Age

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Sale,

Oh golly gee dorkblog followers I have been a bad blogger!I have been having a sale in my shop for quite a bit and I don't think I mentioned it. Today for Cyber Monday I am offering freeshipping to US and Canada if you use the code 'holiday' and 15% off until midnight tonight!
AND, because I neglected you my wonderful blog followers, if you send me a message mentioning the blog I will enclose a free gift! I will try to make it a little something to go along with your purchase or if nothing fits one of my handmade glass or scrabble tile pendants! What a bargain. So go! Quick! Shop! <3 Dork


Monday, November 15, 2010

So what is....rutilated and tourmalinated quartz?

If you are a dork follower, of either this blog or a Dorkorama jewelry customer, you are probably used to seeing some of the unique stones I love to use, but maybe you are wondering, "whattheheckisthat?" I am going to attempt to answer that question, in the easiest, least convoluted way possible. I am not a gemstone expert by any stretch of the imagination, so I may make mistakes here, I am open to learning.! Please feel free to let me know.
Today i am going to focus on Gold and Copper Rutilated Quartz and Tourmalinated Quartz.. Normally quartz, are preferrable if they are  free of inclusions and usually it's pureness, transparency, and color (smoky, lemon, yaddayadda) determine the quality and the name. The stones I love most throw those old rules out the window. Rutilated Quartz, and Tourmalinated Quartz both are enhanced by what is included within them. The clearness and clarity are still desirable, but mostly to enhance the visibility of the inclusions.

Rutilated Quartz or Rutile Quartz: Also called Venus Hair Stone and Cupid's Darts. Quartz is the most abundant mineral on earth, and when it meets another mineral, sometimes they will hit it off and in Jersey Shore terms "Get it in". When this happens and it's icky, we call it an inclusion and it makes the stone less desirable.
But when it is titanium dioxide it is called Rutile and also can be really freakin' gorgeous. The color can vary from gold to orange and copper red. It will usually be listed as either Gold or Copper Rutilated Quartz depending on the color or if mixed by the dominant one or simply called mixed rutile quartz.
Mixed Rutile, Sterling Silver Suspension Necklace

Copper Rutilated 14K Gold-filled Necklace

Oxidized Sterling Silver Gold Rutile Quartz Necklace

A friend and I recently were pondering why they have stopped calling them venus hair stone, it sounds so lovely! But then we thought of the venus hair razor for ladies, and how it even come in gold, red and black, just like leg hair! The black hairs are of course,

Tourmalinated Quartz is kind of easy to pick apart once you understand what rutilated quartz is. Tourmalinated meaning that the inclusions within the quartz are black tourmaline. This one shares the same nicknames as the others, it only varies by what is inside. I absolutely LOVE this stone. It's bold black splashes and spikes never fail to inspire me. It is so graphic, and yet abstract. Even the lower grade stuff, normally the B or C grade with snowy opaque crystal still looks super cool! It also goes so well with the antiqued silver I love!
Interconnect Necklace, Tourmalinated Quartz Sterling Silver

Blizzard Necklace, Tourmalinated Quartz Oxidized Sterling

Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings-KA-POW

 Well there! We learned something and I worked in some shameless promotion, not bad! Now with your new knowledge you can discuss the difference between the two and make strangers think you are a professor or something! Next time I will get into the Mossy's Moss Amethyst and Moss Aquamarine! And hey we only had one mention of Snooki! <3 Dork

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free shipping in November? Ohnoshedinit!

Gosh I have been slacking on the blogging, eh? I have an excuse though, a good one! I have been in full on creating frenzy for the holidays! So busy in fact I forgot to share with y'all the holiday shipping special I was having! For the whole month of November, free shipping to US and Canada on the whole kit and caboodle! Buy one thing-or 62-they all ship free. Heck, if you buy 62 items I may hand deliver them! HERE'S THE CATCH--you have to enter the code 'holiday' when you check out. That's it! And there is a visual reminder in the Artfire shop, but I don't want you to miss out!
So short post yes, but I leave with pictures of new and upcoming...<3  ~Dork

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rock Blogster! (and another red jewelry designer!)

I'm back to spread some more love, and tell y'all about another of the wonderful people who populate my internet crafty life! Gretchen is a local Bangor-ian, and is the creative spirit behind Lobster on a String. She creates wonderful, unique pieces that have down home Maine charm but  are refined, clean and modern. She is constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials, and that really makes for some imaginative, exciting jewelry. In the past few months that we have been facebook, etsy and artfire pals she has created pieces with sea glass, sterling silver, PMC, repurposed vintage elements, gemstones, glass, you name it really! OK, now I bet you are just dying to see it huh? Are you  even still here, or did you already go to her shop? 
Yeah, I would have too...if anyone is still reading though, here are a few of my favorites. Lobster on a String is on etsy, artfire, and a new blog!
Sea Pottery and Pearl Necklace 
Vintage Re-do Earrings, Crazy Daisies
GO! Buy some NOW! <3 Dork

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Natural Design

A few months back someone posted a link on my facebook fanpage. When I followed it, I was totally flattered by all of the kind words written about me! The woman responsible for that blog, Kim, is also a jewelry artisan. Natural Design is the company and I love it! Earthy yet elegant, fun but made with long lasting quality materials, and very wearable cool bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
Not only is she hella talented, but she is also so sweet to boot! Since her little dorkorama plug I have become online friends with her, and she really is encouraging and kind. Anyway, enough of me, let's look at some jewelry shall we?
Picasso Jasper Rectangle Long Necklace
Onyx in Cages
Cool stuff, huh? She is on Etsy and Artfire and also has a blog! That is all for now~ <3 Dork

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BOO! that was a ghost not the adorable kitty who is my avatar

Decorate for Christmas? You can have it! Parties with streamers and balloons? I'll attend but if I'm hosting I am worried about my outfit not the decorations. Halloween though-THAT is my JAM! As I have said before Ilove all things bratty and punk so the skulls and the gothy vibe is totally up my alley. Plus you are encouraged to go over the top. I have never even been under the top so as far as I am concerned, Halloween Rocks.

Tonight my good friend Mikey helped me decorate, and I love to be a show off so I thought I'd show my pictures. Or at least a few favorites. The mannequin head ones are a bit disturbing, be warned. 

I love it! So fun! I still have a few things I would like to do, this is just one area, but off to a good creepy start!
Speaking of "a few things" I have a few Halloween things left in the artfire shop! I really tried to make pieces that invoked the Halloween vibe but could work all season or even all year. I'll leave you with a few of those pictures to tempt you! Have a frighteningly good day! And please feel free to point me to your facebook or flickr or whatev with pictures of your Halloween decorations! ~<3 Dork

Ooops! Odd sizes! But all available at the Dorkorama shop on artfire!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Multiple Personalities Have Hissyfits! News at 11...

Kathleen Hanna, a role model for my type

I have long felt that whatever divine being or evolutionary hiccup/genetic fluke brought me into being made a small error, or a happy accident really. They were assembling a 50 year old literature professor and a 15 year old rebel grrrrl and something happened, they got distracted or confused, and out came yours truly~Dork.
I have a love of all things boring and stuffy, tweeds and sweaters, books and libraries, lectures and wheat bread. I also totally love, the word 'totally' 'like' and most of all 'rad or radical' early 90s riot grrrl music, the gossip, candy, neon, fishnet gloves, Madonna, nail polish, doodling, and kitties and UNICORNS!
Lately  I have been embracing the latter obviously, but Buzz Killington is in there still-Winter tends to bring him out more. But as my Debbie Gibson side is in charge, I leave you with some jewelry from the dork shop that was definitely grrrl-created.

Hissyfit Earrings

Friday Im in Love Earrings
Thats all for now~ <3 Dork

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mad Men Inspired Jewelry!

Being the Dork I am, I'm not alkways the best at catching on to trends. While the entire world was freaking out over Mad Men, I somehow missed it. Tardy to the party, again. I was probably watching old episodes of the Muppet Show or something! But when my good friend Little David (that does NOT make me Big David) asked me to donate a few pieces for a Mad Men themed soiree how could I say no? So I am getting caught up on all the 60s fun! I'm thinking large pendant, vintage moon glow Lucite, pearls, gold and brooches. I know it involves cigarette smoking-one of my favorite past times!

What else says Mad Men to you? As a noob I would love it if people could point me in the right direction!

Ciao!~ <3 Dork

Monday, October 4, 2010

Artfire totally rocks

Things are really starting to fall into place in my Artfire shop, and I feel like I am arriving at the party just when it was starting to get into full swing! The site itself just left beta mode and looks better than ever! And to celebrate they offered an amazing group buy in opportunity, Pro memberships and all the benefits that come with it for $5.95 a month! SERIOUSLY. Unlimited listings, an on site blog and gallery, a bunch of cool tools. It has taken me a while to find my sea legs, but I'm feeling good about it. I am learning so much, but I feel like the skills I am learning there prepare me for bigger and better things in a way much better than etsy's little internal pond. But enough seller mumbo jumbo, if you are here you probably are looking for eyecandy, so without further ado....Here are a few of my recent artfire favorite studios, please check them out!
Seller chuckhljal made thesetruly fab earrings out of lampwork glass pumpkins. They are super cool and original!
Pumpkin Earrings

The Cobweb Palace is another shop I can't sttop checking out! In the creators own words, "Sentimental, nostalgic, romantic, poignant...the past is my muse. Heirloom quality handmade pieces for you to treasure. One, and only one, ever." Pretty accurate, what do you think?
Art Deco Rhinestone Buckle and Antique Element Necklace
 And last but not least, Shiny Adornments. This shop makes a range of unique items, stuff with stunning high end gems,  and others with playful fun blown glass. Basically if it's shiny and adornment and ALSO cool as jazz, it makes the cut! The evidence?
      Dark Dream - Sterling Silver, Labradorite
 Wow, right?!?! Y'all are whipping out the credit cards aren't you? Supporti ng handmade is always a good  idea and handmade jewelry makes a great Christmas or other upcoming Holiday of your Choice gift!
And hey, while you are shopping....I'll show off one of mine and buzz off! Here are the Smitten Earrings!
Smitten Earrings
Without further ado I bid you adieu! <3 Dork

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Won't you be my neighbor?

I am not just talking squawky when I say that Fred "Mr." Rogers is one of my lifelong heroes! Being gay and admittedly kinda ladylike I didn't see many soft-spoken, uber-polite gentleman. C'mon I grew up in a fishing community. And obviously Mr. R was NOT gay, but he was someone I wanted to emulate. He was kind, interested in learning and imagining, and loved his Neighbors.
That focus on community is one of the most important values to me personally and as a Maker of Things. And with that in mind I will get to the point already! I started a facebook group, and have been trying to gather Bangor's crafty folks into one place, hopefully in person. As Dorkorama has grown, I have met so many cool, inspiring people who also sell their goods. Designers of every possible thing you could design, photographers, painters, jewelry makers in every specialty, book-binders, bath and body products-you name it, we have someone who is doing it, and doing it beautifully! So if you are one of those folks and you live anywhere in the Bangor area, hit me up or search Bangor Handmade Mafia on facebook. Let's see what we can make happen!

Saturday, September 25, 2010