Friday, February 25, 2011

Fierce Philip Treacy

Today I was flipping through the massive March issue of Vogue, when a stunning photo of beautiful flame-haired Karen Elson in the most amazing hat/headpiece/fabulous thing stopped me, check it out-
!!!!!!! Right? It was also Philip Treacy hats that they had to design looks around on the most recent season of Project Runway.

Here are a few of my other favorites,

And last but not least, like any good Mainer I have tro give props to Mr. Treacy for his Lobstah hat!
<3 Dork

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dork goes metal! And an artist you should know...

Exciting news for yours dorkly, I have finally gotten to take a few of those long desired metalsmithing classes! My pal Amanda, is an uber talented silversmith and I have had the chance to spend two afternoons with her learning different things. First class, we made etched copper cuffs! Etching copper and brass is something I have been wanting to do and is a relatively easy and economical process, and the results are pretty much always bad-ass! In the process of making the cuffs I also learned some basics of sawing and cutting metal, and some shaping and forming techniques. And I filed and sanded in more ways than I knew existed. The pieces may look rustic, but they don't feel it!
The end result of that class and the techniques I learned are already popping up in the artfire shop, like these two lovelies:
Night Shift

Unisex Steampunk Cuff
The second class I worked on pick and chip soldering with a torch. The end result of this class doesn't have the same boo-yah instant gratification, but are also really important basics, and ever since ideas keep popping into my head for projects and then I realize..."Hey, I can probably actually do that!" And I did make myself a pretty snazzy bracelet, with every single link cut, shaped, soldered, pickled, shaped again,and again, and again, and oxidized, by me.
Well, enough about me already! And now for something completely different!

Kindred Images and Creations are imagined and created by a very talented lady just down the road in Brunswick, Maine. Her shop features an eclectic mix of photographic prints captured with a keen eye, delicate, lovely and feminine jewelry, and some super unique steampunk pieces. And to top it off she is also a very informative blogger!
I like too many things in her shop to narrow it down, so this is a bit of a random sampling...
Garnet Chaos Bracelet

Add caption
Definitely worth taking a look around! I never fail to be surprised by her creations.
There's that writers block again~well, at least I got this far! Till next time-Dork

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maine Jewelry and Art Shop

One very exciting piece of news that I haven't shared here yet-Dorkorama jewelry is now available in a new location! In early January the Maine Jewelry and Art shop opened in downtown Bangor, and Dork was chosen as one of their artists! I stole the description from the Facebook page because it says it best, "A gorgeous downtown Bangor gallery featuring the art of over a dozen Maine artists! Jewelry, pottery, fiber arts, painting, sculpture and more. Funky and elegant gifts for everyone, in every budget!"
Everything about the place so far is great, from the location, (96 Harlow st, across from city hall), the amazing artists that sell there, (including my craftylove the Dreaded BagLady!) and especially the three rad ladies who opened it.
Amanda Coburn of Riverside Jewelry Design, Roxanne Munksgaard of Maine Peace Works and Anne Reigstad of Ymir Glass Design are the wonderful and ambitious ladies responsible for opening the shop, and each is also a crazy talented and distinct artist as well.
Amanda makes beautiful, bold sterling silver and copper jewelry, utilizing a variety of skills and techniques, resulting in unique, imaginative jewelry that begs to be worn!

Roxanne, the spitfire behind Maine Peace Works is an inspiring artist who creates lovely jewelry with a variety of gemstones, glass, metals and even hemp. Her thought provoking series of "Broken Peace Pieces" is especially inspiring. She has incredible amber pieces as well!

Anne Reigstad is the creative force behind Ymir Glass Designs. Her dichroic glass creations are out of this world cool! Amazing vivid colors and sparkle from the dichroic coating make her glass pieces one of a kind and versatile.
Pretty fab, eh? I am working on online stalking the other great artists from the Maine Jewelry and Art shop so I can share their great work with you as well. I will leave you with a few of my new pieces, ciao~Dork!
Storm Cloud Necklace

Emerge Necklace
Deep Blue Earrings