Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And come to think of it...

I should show the best off here, so come back for it-The best items of the Etsy Maine Team Spring 2010 Listathon, hehe

Update, because I'm sticking with this blogging thing dammit!

Soooo, well. The Maine Team Challenge is going well, I missed one day but it is really inspiring me to post things, and sales have been wackadoodle good, and I balanced out the color in the shop a bit better because it was getting really BROWN, but n a good way. It is mud season after all!

The great thing about being involved in it is seeing everyone's work, and that is super inspiring. Wakes my mind up! And reminds me of the abundance of talent in our tiny wooded state!
I'll end with Earrings I added today, I crack myself up with the titles! yeah, im a dork

Hangin' 'round with the squares Earrings

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Most Amazing New Jewelry Designer. Ever!

OMG!  I have just discovered the most amazing, innovative, dynamic, creative jewelry designer! Now-my opinion may be a bit biased, he is my partner, but I really think he is going places! Now he is just starting out, but I was really impressed with these initial efforts, and you can own your very own! His newly opened etsy shop is 1chicgeek and I'm sure Vogue will be calling next week!

Movin' On Up!

I've been wanting to upgrade the earring hooks in my shop for a while to sterling silver, to make them higher quality, and wearable for those sensitive skin folks. And I've known how to make them myself for awhile, but wasn't happy with the results. But lately, I've felt good about them, and so I made the leap and ordered 10ft of sterling silver wire, and also oxidized brass, just for fun. I can't wait! I'm driving the poor mailman crazy!
Oh! Speaking of mailmen, one of my favorite button rings had a gold metal button with a delivery man that said POD across the bottom, I assumed meaning of course, Paid on Delivery. So I researched the button, and it turns out it is antique, and from old US Postal Service uniforms. Very Cool!
So I was loving the USPS, until I found out one of my mailed orders was lost! Eeeeek!
So, maybe I'll also upgrade to FREE tracking, or at least delivery confirmation, along with the silver upgrade? Probably a good idea!


GOOOOD Postal Service

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maine Team Challenge- Day two

So, on Etsy I am part of the very rad Maineteam, and I am currently involved in a challenge to add a new item to  my shop every day from now until Mother's Day! It's day two and I'm doing ok so far, but if you look through this blog you will quickly realize I am not great at sticking to things. We'll see though, I have lots of great new pictures, so I am sure I can do it. These are my posted item of the day, Losing my Marbles earrings:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lotsa Lotsa Newwwww Stufff

Tons of fab new items in the etsy shop, check it out!