Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finally a Giveaway!

Hello all! So I have finally got myself motivated to do a giveaway! Yessiree, I am running a contest on my facebook page and the winner will be announced Monday afternoonish and that lucky person will receive ANY item in the dorkorama jewelry ArtFire shop up to $50!! Yeah, Fifty whole bucks! Heck if you get something on the lower price range, you could get two pretties-four if you count the earrings individually ;)
To enter, simply share dorkorama jewelry with a friend on FaceBook, and comment on my page. Pretty sweet, eh? For further temptation I will depart with a few pictures of new items in the shop, all under $50.
<3 Dork

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Perfection couldn't be this beautiful

I have this one little Sapphire briolette that I absolutely love. Not a very glamorous looking gem at first, and not what immediately springs to mind when I think of a sapphire. But what I always hope to get across in my jewelry is that there is often something amazing and complex and well, beautiful when you get look past the surface and my coveted little gem is one heck of an example. Here is a picture of it in a necklace I ended up dismantling and never got around to, mantling.

See, it looks ok there, you can see it's facets, it's got a cool steely silvery color, and even some color play. What you can't see, that I just couldn't get in the pictures, is a little bit of rutile inside, and when light passes through and bounces around and off of the rutile within the highly refractive stone it creates an amazing spider web effect! While trying to figure it all out I came across some amazing pictures, this one in particular captured the effect beautifully with a microscope. 
Isn't that crazy? I say leave the flawless stones for someone else, especially with imperfections like that! On second thought, I wouldn't mind the flawless stones too! Til next time, Dork

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have been watching too much TV lately. But without it, I would never have heard these little gems~the first kinda describes me, the second is morbid and just made me giggle.

"I talk a lot, so I've learned to just tune myself out" - Kelly Kapoor, The Office

While surveying the sight of a mass suicide, Fringe's wacko genius Walter Bishop said, "Like a flash mob. But suicide."

I told ya, random post

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nuh-uh?!?! Sweet vintage goodness!

So yours dorkly was strolling in beautiful burgeoning downtown Bangor the other day when a Store Closing sign caught my attention. The shop, DownEast Coins and Collectibles  is a little tiny shop I had overlooked but I can't resist a sale and they had some pretty blingin' costume jewelry in the window that I thought would be fun to re-purpose.
What I found inside makes me kick myself for not checking it out sooner! Really cool stuff, but it's moving quick!
First, I found a pretty picked over box of used buttons, no surprise, I'm sure the hardcore thrifties snapped them up first. But I still managed to find a few great ones including some old Mother of Pearl ones and a cracked but beautiful jet Victorian mourning button.

Then I came upon the stamps. A few totes overflowed with every variety of postage stamp. I scored an eclectic mix of vintage and newish stamps.

Neat, huh!? I love how many of them are cancelled too. Maybe one was on a love letter, or a Dear John letter, or *gasp* the electric bill.
Even though I haven't been making them as much lately, I instantly thought of domino pendants. I made this one as soon as I got home as a test run, and I definitely will be making more! Hope I don't enrage any philatelists
And last, because I was short on time and headed to metalsmithing class (to work on enameling, check the shop!) I didn't get to paw through the jewelry much, but one piece in a case caught my eye, it wasn't almost free like everything else but a decent deal and worth it~an almost flawless vintage, maybe antique, Waltham pocket watch!

The crystal front is missing but otherwise it is in pristine condition, is in a gold filled case, with beautiful textured silver gears, and is on a latching cord, I could add to my belt loop! Or my vest if it was a Vest-y Pant Suit kinda day! I may part with it if I decide to upcycle it into a necklace or something, but for now I'm keepin' it! Makes me feel like a gentleman AND a scholar.
Til next time <3 Dork

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sick of winter sale!!

So right now everything in my artfire shop is 20% off with coupon code sickofwinter. For real! Go Now!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Luck O The Irish!

Check out my new St Patty's Day necklaces!

What better way to show your Irish pride-or at least celebrate St Patrick's day than with a sparkly green onyx shamrock!  Available at Dorkorama Jewelry!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fierce Philip Treacy

Today I was flipping through the massive March issue of Vogue, when a stunning photo of beautiful flame-haired Karen Elson in the most amazing hat/headpiece/fabulous thing stopped me, check it out-
!!!!!!! Right? It was also Philip Treacy hats that they had to design looks around on the most recent season of Project Runway.

Here are a few of my other favorites,

And last but not least, like any good Mainer I have tro give props to Mr. Treacy for his Lobstah hat!
<3 Dork

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dork goes metal! And an artist you should know...

Exciting news for yours dorkly, I have finally gotten to take a few of those long desired metalsmithing classes! My pal Amanda, is an uber talented silversmith and I have had the chance to spend two afternoons with her learning different things. First class, we made etched copper cuffs! Etching copper and brass is something I have been wanting to do and is a relatively easy and economical process, and the results are pretty much always bad-ass! In the process of making the cuffs I also learned some basics of sawing and cutting metal, and some shaping and forming techniques. And I filed and sanded in more ways than I knew existed. The pieces may look rustic, but they don't feel it!
The end result of that class and the techniques I learned are already popping up in the artfire shop, like these two lovelies:
Night Shift

Unisex Steampunk Cuff
The second class I worked on pick and chip soldering with a torch. The end result of this class doesn't have the same boo-yah instant gratification, but are also really important basics, and ever since ideas keep popping into my head for projects and then I realize..."Hey, I can probably actually do that!" And I did make myself a pretty snazzy bracelet, with every single link cut, shaped, soldered, pickled, shaped again,and again, and again, and oxidized, by me.
Well, enough about me already! And now for something completely different!

Kindred Images and Creations are imagined and created by a very talented lady just down the road in Brunswick, Maine. Her shop features an eclectic mix of photographic prints captured with a keen eye, delicate, lovely and feminine jewelry, and some super unique steampunk pieces. And to top it off she is also a very informative blogger!
I like too many things in her shop to narrow it down, so this is a bit of a random sampling...
Garnet Chaos Bracelet

Add caption
Definitely worth taking a look around! I never fail to be surprised by her creations.
There's that writers block again~well, at least I got this far! Till next time-Dork

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maine Jewelry and Art Shop

One very exciting piece of news that I haven't shared here yet-Dorkorama jewelry is now available in a new location! In early January the Maine Jewelry and Art shop opened in downtown Bangor, and Dork was chosen as one of their artists! I stole the description from the Facebook page because it says it best, "A gorgeous downtown Bangor gallery featuring the art of over a dozen Maine artists! Jewelry, pottery, fiber arts, painting, sculpture and more. Funky and elegant gifts for everyone, in every budget!"
Everything about the place so far is great, from the location, (96 Harlow st, across from city hall), the amazing artists that sell there, (including my craftylove the Dreaded BagLady!) and especially the three rad ladies who opened it.
Amanda Coburn of Riverside Jewelry Design, Roxanne Munksgaard of Maine Peace Works and Anne Reigstad of Ymir Glass Design are the wonderful and ambitious ladies responsible for opening the shop, and each is also a crazy talented and distinct artist as well.
Amanda makes beautiful, bold sterling silver and copper jewelry, utilizing a variety of skills and techniques, resulting in unique, imaginative jewelry that begs to be worn!

Roxanne, the spitfire behind Maine Peace Works is an inspiring artist who creates lovely jewelry with a variety of gemstones, glass, metals and even hemp. Her thought provoking series of "Broken Peace Pieces" is especially inspiring. She has incredible amber pieces as well!

Anne Reigstad is the creative force behind Ymir Glass Designs. Her dichroic glass creations are out of this world cool! Amazing vivid colors and sparkle from the dichroic coating make her glass pieces one of a kind and versatile.
Pretty fab, eh? I am working on online stalking the other great artists from the Maine Jewelry and Art shop so I can share their great work with you as well. I will leave you with a few of my new pieces, ciao~Dork!
Storm Cloud Necklace

Emerge Necklace
Deep Blue Earrings

Thursday, January 27, 2011

slow jams, tear jerkers, and baby makers; the Valentine's Day mixed tape

Well phooey I have not posted in a while, I'll skip the proclamations of my devotion to you readers, and be honest-I really dig you but I'm not great with the whole commitment thing. So even though I have a hand written reminder to blog more often dead center in my eye line at my work space, I will probably still flake =/

But hey, I have been thinking of you, and to show my love, I made you a mixed tape. Well, kinda...
For Valentine's Day this year, I wanted to design pieces that were not cliched or too theme-y. I run into this with each holiday, I hate the thought of a pretty bauble only being worn once a year. I wanted them to have some sort of meaning besides "It's Pink".
My favorite gifts from a loved one, or one you hope to love is a music mix. I am not a purist and against a mixed CD, but to me the mixed tape is just so much more iconic, and cool!

Once I got this idea for the Mixed tape collection in my head, ideas were coming faster than I could write or sketch them out. I asked my friends and family, and my facebook fans for their top picks. It's great how I have gotten to hear so many people's stories of what their favorite love song is, and the reasons why. It's really a surprising commonality among everyone, AM radio soft rock shmaltz gets to us all, one minute we are going about our day, and suddenly you are lost in thought, misty and nostalgic to the tune of Night Ranger's "Sister Christian".
Six unique pieces have been created and listed so far, with hopefully more to come! A big snowy agate druzy piece invokes the classic song "Baby It's Cold Outside" from almost 70 years ago,  to the more contemporary White Stripes "In The Cold Cold Night" with an edgy cluster of sexy gems!

And to spread a little more love, everything in the Dorkorama shop on ArtFire is 15% off until January 31st! Have a look around, maybe something has been made, inspired by you and your love's special song!
"In Your Eyes" Necklace 
Inspired by The Beatles "All You Need is Love"
Ciao my lovelies! <3 Dork