Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween! Fun new pieces! And some bad romance!

I have been busily toiling away in the dork cave making lots of fun new jewels for all y'all. I have  a number of new Halloween items in the store including a piece that surprised me, it just happened,  out of nowhere, I had created the Great Pumpkin necklace!

It's made  of a pumpkin orange jade briolette, a Swarovski green saucer and rich brown antiqued brass wire. Seasonal, but not like a quilted seasonal vest with ghost your librarian wears! 

Also, definitely not for the librarian, unless she is a naughty one is this vampy dark glam gemstone and sterling silver necklace, with a blood red chalcedony, and a heart link chain that is abusively cute!
It's the Bad Romance necklace. I may blow whatever punk rock credibility I have left by saying I love Lady Gaga!

 These two  necklaces, and many other new seasonal, hopefully not tack things are in the artfire shop! Stop in!

Thursday, September 9, 2010's not the booze...I MEAN it.!..I LOVE YOU DUDE!

No craftin' web sellin' designer blogger artiste is an island. At least I am not. I am a man. And that is odd, for what I do, but not  the point. I have really wandered here...where was I?
Oh! I am a peninsula! And many folks make up my waterways, fjords, neighboring towns, and unorganized territories. Some are also like far away towns I import from and export to.
The point of all of my botched mangled metaphors is the wonderful folks I consider my posse. This may take a few posts and don't feel bad if you  are a peep and I  haven't  written about you yet. I will.You know me, scatterbrained.Chill ok? I still love you too!

My online selling mistress is Afro BagLady who makes amazing, up-cycled bags that are the raddest. We lost our craft fair cherries together sharing a table at the Studio 36(shout out Jodi! Your paragraph is coming too!) x-mas open house! We shamelessly promote each other, and when my etsy closed she said it was like breaking up =( And it was! We still hook up on facebook though!
Here are three of her bags, I  love how she uses the re-purposed garments features like collars, lapels and tags as a design element!

This is my  fave!

Ms. Bag Lady is actually a Mrs. with quite a handsome Mr.. And her Mr. happens to be the brother to the Mr. of my other crafty bff-- Kat of ThreeLittleSisters . Kat has been like a mentor, her jewelry skills and experience are amazing and she can answer any question, makes bomb-diggity cookies, and taught me the maxim, "if you take yourself seriously, other will too". Alas, there are only the two brothers, or else I would have more friends and odds are, eventually one bro would play for my team and I could get a hubby too! Here are two pieces of Kat's. The first speaks for itself, and speaks volumes about her talent. That's a chatty picture! The second I  love, because it shows her range, intricate bead embroidery or fun and funky wire work.Often, I' ve found more accomplished jewelry artist can forget how to make fun stuff that isn't intricate. Not Kat though-she can do it all!
Bead Embroidered  Butterfly

Fun Fluorite Zig-Zags

Earlier,  ya know I  was kidding about the wanting a hubby of course! As you may know I am not a lonely single Dork, I have a wonderful Geek to share my life with! Who also happens to make fun, eco-friendly jewelry, for the geeks who go glam. His shop 1chicgeek is nerdy kitschy goodness!
No Place Like Home Earrings

Im Blue Without You

For supplies, my fave local bead shop is Downeast Sticks and Stones! Great quality, selection and prices, inspiring classes, and staffed by the 3 most helpful, encouraging ladies around. Crazy talented as well!

I am a huuuge fan of Polestar, Magenta Sky Studio, and Lobster on a String.  On Etsy I was part of the amazing  Etsy Maine Team  I can't even begin to list all of the greatest artists who were also part of it. They are all  listed if you follow the link!
Phew...I'm spent!
I have a lot more love to spread around, but thats good  for now! Please though  if  you  get a chance check out these amazing artists and crafters! Back soon with more dorklove!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Friendly Skies...

Making the rounds on my favorite fashion and design blogs and such today I came across quite a curious thing, one man's massive collection of stewardess/flight attendant/current accepted non-demeaning job title. He has over 3000, from all over the world. I found myself stuck here forever, endlessly pushing the next button to see the next ones. It's so cool to see trends come and go, and all of the different countries designs. And yet with all that diversity it is still just a basic uniform. At times when I was staring at it, and clicking through it would seem like the uniforms on the mannequin didn't change,  just the colors and patterns on it. Kinda trippy.
As a jewelry designer though I was so inspired, the routine....uh...uniform-ness...of the uniforms really put the patterns and color combos on display nicely. And the mannequin he uses? Fierce! I want to buy this lady a drink! Maybe when we land-I have a 3 hour layover ;)