Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Heart the Gossip

I adore them. The one time I saw them was like a religious experience. I was only kinda familiar with them prior to this, because they got lumped in with the grrrl bands I so adore. The show was in boston, like 5 hours away, and when my friends picked me up I was on like hour 38 of a lil speed binge. By the time they came on I was queasy, delerious, still speedy, a little drunk, and wanted to die just a bit.
Then Beth Ditto opened her mouth, and we all just danced. Whether you meant to or not, you danced. Shook your ass! Part queer love-in, part southern church revival, part dream,  punk rock show and disco dance party.
And I still don't know what actually changed in me. But I can't imagine my life going good places without that experience. I felt a little reborn, and cleansed. Not even joking.

So...yeah, check them out.


Artist Stuart Haygarth!


Ahhh, I have been remiss with this blog, as I suspected I would be. When I saw this however, I was moved to blog, raddest shit I have seen in months! Jen Stark creates the most beautiful, arresting and intricate sculptures I have seen in a while. Like this:
and this:
oooooh, and this:

and I can't forget:
and finally:

I can barely make a paper airplane. I am in awe.