Thursday, January 27, 2011

slow jams, tear jerkers, and baby makers; the Valentine's Day mixed tape

Well phooey I have not posted in a while, I'll skip the proclamations of my devotion to you readers, and be honest-I really dig you but I'm not great with the whole commitment thing. So even though I have a hand written reminder to blog more often dead center in my eye line at my work space, I will probably still flake =/

But hey, I have been thinking of you, and to show my love, I made you a mixed tape. Well, kinda...
For Valentine's Day this year, I wanted to design pieces that were not cliched or too theme-y. I run into this with each holiday, I hate the thought of a pretty bauble only being worn once a year. I wanted them to have some sort of meaning besides "It's Pink".
My favorite gifts from a loved one, or one you hope to love is a music mix. I am not a purist and against a mixed CD, but to me the mixed tape is just so much more iconic, and cool!

Once I got this idea for the Mixed tape collection in my head, ideas were coming faster than I could write or sketch them out. I asked my friends and family, and my facebook fans for their top picks. It's great how I have gotten to hear so many people's stories of what their favorite love song is, and the reasons why. It's really a surprising commonality among everyone, AM radio soft rock shmaltz gets to us all, one minute we are going about our day, and suddenly you are lost in thought, misty and nostalgic to the tune of Night Ranger's "Sister Christian".
Six unique pieces have been created and listed so far, with hopefully more to come! A big snowy agate druzy piece invokes the classic song "Baby It's Cold Outside" from almost 70 years ago,  to the more contemporary White Stripes "In The Cold Cold Night" with an edgy cluster of sexy gems!

And to spread a little more love, everything in the Dorkorama shop on ArtFire is 15% off until January 31st! Have a look around, maybe something has been made, inspired by you and your love's special song!
"In Your Eyes" Necklace 
Inspired by The Beatles "All You Need is Love"
Ciao my lovelies! <3 Dork