Sunday, March 13, 2011

Perfection couldn't be this beautiful

I have this one little Sapphire briolette that I absolutely love. Not a very glamorous looking gem at first, and not what immediately springs to mind when I think of a sapphire. But what I always hope to get across in my jewelry is that there is often something amazing and complex and well, beautiful when you get look past the surface and my coveted little gem is one heck of an example. Here is a picture of it in a necklace I ended up dismantling and never got around to, mantling.

See, it looks ok there, you can see it's facets, it's got a cool steely silvery color, and even some color play. What you can't see, that I just couldn't get in the pictures, is a little bit of rutile inside, and when light passes through and bounces around and off of the rutile within the highly refractive stone it creates an amazing spider web effect! While trying to figure it all out I came across some amazing pictures, this one in particular captured the effect beautifully with a microscope. 
Isn't that crazy? I say leave the flawless stones for someone else, especially with imperfections like that! On second thought, I wouldn't mind the flawless stones too! Til next time, Dork


Me said...

Very beautiful!

Strega Jewellry said...

I was reading posts on Artfire Bloggers Unite and wanted to check out some of the member blogs. I am just learning about blogging. I love this blog....not too wordy...good pix, upbeat and humerous.