Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nuh-uh?!?! Sweet vintage goodness!

So yours dorkly was strolling in beautiful burgeoning downtown Bangor the other day when a Store Closing sign caught my attention. The shop, DownEast Coins and Collectibles  is a little tiny shop I had overlooked but I can't resist a sale and they had some pretty blingin' costume jewelry in the window that I thought would be fun to re-purpose.
What I found inside makes me kick myself for not checking it out sooner! Really cool stuff, but it's moving quick!
First, I found a pretty picked over box of used buttons, no surprise, I'm sure the hardcore thrifties snapped them up first. But I still managed to find a few great ones including some old Mother of Pearl ones and a cracked but beautiful jet Victorian mourning button.

Then I came upon the stamps. A few totes overflowed with every variety of postage stamp. I scored an eclectic mix of vintage and newish stamps.

Neat, huh!? I love how many of them are cancelled too. Maybe one was on a love letter, or a Dear John letter, or *gasp* the electric bill.
Even though I haven't been making them as much lately, I instantly thought of domino pendants. I made this one as soon as I got home as a test run, and I definitely will be making more! Hope I don't enrage any philatelists
And last, because I was short on time and headed to metalsmithing class (to work on enameling, check the shop!) I didn't get to paw through the jewelry much, but one piece in a case caught my eye, it wasn't almost free like everything else but a decent deal and worth it~an almost flawless vintage, maybe antique, Waltham pocket watch!

The crystal front is missing but otherwise it is in pristine condition, is in a gold filled case, with beautiful textured silver gears, and is on a latching cord, I could add to my belt loop! Or my vest if it was a Vest-y Pant Suit kinda day! I may part with it if I decide to upcycle it into a necklace or something, but for now I'm keepin' it! Makes me feel like a gentleman AND a scholar.
Til next time <3 Dork

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