Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finally a Giveaway!

Hello all! So I have finally got myself motivated to do a giveaway! Yessiree, I am running a contest on my facebook page and the winner will be announced Monday afternoonish and that lucky person will receive ANY item in the dorkorama jewelry ArtFire shop up to $50!! Yeah, Fifty whole bucks! Heck if you get something on the lower price range, you could get two pretties-four if you count the earrings individually ;)
To enter, simply share dorkorama jewelry with a friend on FaceBook, and comment on my page. Pretty sweet, eh? For further temptation I will depart with a few pictures of new items in the shop, all under $50.
<3 Dork

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Perfection couldn't be this beautiful

I have this one little Sapphire briolette that I absolutely love. Not a very glamorous looking gem at first, and not what immediately springs to mind when I think of a sapphire. But what I always hope to get across in my jewelry is that there is often something amazing and complex and well, beautiful when you get look past the surface and my coveted little gem is one heck of an example. Here is a picture of it in a necklace I ended up dismantling and never got around to, mantling.

See, it looks ok there, you can see it's facets, it's got a cool steely silvery color, and even some color play. What you can't see, that I just couldn't get in the pictures, is a little bit of rutile inside, and when light passes through and bounces around and off of the rutile within the highly refractive stone it creates an amazing spider web effect! While trying to figure it all out I came across some amazing pictures, this one in particular captured the effect beautifully with a microscope. 
Isn't that crazy? I say leave the flawless stones for someone else, especially with imperfections like that! On second thought, I wouldn't mind the flawless stones too! Til next time, Dork

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have been watching too much TV lately. But without it, I would never have heard these little gems~the first kinda describes me, the second is morbid and just made me giggle.

"I talk a lot, so I've learned to just tune myself out" - Kelly Kapoor, The Office

While surveying the sight of a mass suicide, Fringe's wacko genius Walter Bishop said, "Like a flash mob. But suicide."

I told ya, random post

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nuh-uh?!?! Sweet vintage goodness!

So yours dorkly was strolling in beautiful burgeoning downtown Bangor the other day when a Store Closing sign caught my attention. The shop, DownEast Coins and Collectibles  is a little tiny shop I had overlooked but I can't resist a sale and they had some pretty blingin' costume jewelry in the window that I thought would be fun to re-purpose.
What I found inside makes me kick myself for not checking it out sooner! Really cool stuff, but it's moving quick!
First, I found a pretty picked over box of used buttons, no surprise, I'm sure the hardcore thrifties snapped them up first. But I still managed to find a few great ones including some old Mother of Pearl ones and a cracked but beautiful jet Victorian mourning button.

Then I came upon the stamps. A few totes overflowed with every variety of postage stamp. I scored an eclectic mix of vintage and newish stamps.

Neat, huh!? I love how many of them are cancelled too. Maybe one was on a love letter, or a Dear John letter, or *gasp* the electric bill.
Even though I haven't been making them as much lately, I instantly thought of domino pendants. I made this one as soon as I got home as a test run, and I definitely will be making more! Hope I don't enrage any philatelists
And last, because I was short on time and headed to metalsmithing class (to work on enameling, check the shop!) I didn't get to paw through the jewelry much, but one piece in a case caught my eye, it wasn't almost free like everything else but a decent deal and worth it~an almost flawless vintage, maybe antique, Waltham pocket watch!

The crystal front is missing but otherwise it is in pristine condition, is in a gold filled case, with beautiful textured silver gears, and is on a latching cord, I could add to my belt loop! Or my vest if it was a Vest-y Pant Suit kinda day! I may part with it if I decide to upcycle it into a necklace or something, but for now I'm keepin' it! Makes me feel like a gentleman AND a scholar.
Til next time <3 Dork

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sick of winter sale!!

So right now everything in my artfire shop is 20% off with coupon code sickofwinter. For real! Go Now!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Luck O The Irish!

Check out my new St Patty's Day necklaces!

What better way to show your Irish pride-or at least celebrate St Patrick's day than with a sparkly green onyx shamrock!  Available at Dorkorama Jewelry!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fierce Philip Treacy

Today I was flipping through the massive March issue of Vogue, when a stunning photo of beautiful flame-haired Karen Elson in the most amazing hat/headpiece/fabulous thing stopped me, check it out-
!!!!!!! Right? It was also Philip Treacy hats that they had to design looks around on the most recent season of Project Runway.

Here are a few of my other favorites,

And last but not least, like any good Mainer I have tro give props to Mr. Treacy for his Lobstah hat!
<3 Dork